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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

2011 Preview: Beyond the Possible

This year is set to be a busy and productive one, with visitors, workshops, conferences, and travels. And, of course, writing up some results. A quick preview:

>> July 27 - 29: Beyond the Possible: A Conference in Memorial of Richard Sylvan, who died 15 years ago. Some big guests for this one -- more info to follow on this soon.

>> Maarten McKubre-Jordens, a constructive mathematician from Christchurch and collaborator on our paraconsistency project, will visit in February to run some workshops and give a talk.

>> Colin Caret (St Andrews) will visit in July, for work on relevant information, paradox solution, and hyperintensionality.

>> We're also looking at visits from Walter Carnielli, Juliana Bueno-Soler, and John Bell.

>> And I'll be off to the University of Connecticut, USA!, from mid March until May, as the first "Scholar of Consequence," to work with Jc Beall and the logic group there. And to give some talks at other schools in the area (including attending a Paradox and Logic Revision workshop at St Andrews -- which is "in the area" relative to Melbourne).

Contact me if with questions, ideas, interest ... and stay tuned.

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