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Monday, March 14, 2011

And here our travels begin...

Along with Vicki and Oskar, I'm heading off on a big trip this week to talk and learn with Jc Beall and many others for the next few months.

I'm looking forward to finding out what goes on in the Northern Hemisphere these days, both philosophically and...not.

Some major dates (titles subject to change):

-March 25, University of Connecticut: "Paraconsistent Vagueness"

-March 31, St Andrews (Arche): "Paraconsistent Vagueness"

-April 1, Paradox and Logic Revision (Arche): "Between Finite and Infinite"

-April 4, NYU: "Paraconsistent Vagueness"

-April 7, MIT: "Paraconsistent Vagueness"

-April 13, UMass (Dartmouth): "Paraconsistent Vagueness"

-April 15, UConn Logic Group: "Between Finite and Infinite"

-April 22, UConn Logic Group: "Godel's Theorems"

-April 27, University of Massachusetts (Amherst): "Paraconsistent Vagueness"

-April 29, CUNY: "Consistency points in the number line"

-TBA: New England Logic and Language Colloquium: "Godel's Theorems"

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